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…and free up your car space to make every mile a pleasure and a joy!

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When you’re off on a road trip with friends or family, where on earth do you put all the gear? Once you’ve crammed everybody in, there’s not much room for the luggage.

A rooftop cargo carrier will give you the extra space/storage capacity you need so that you can really enjoy the ride.

It’s important to choose the right carrier for your needs and your vehicle – and of course your budget.

We’re in the process of sifting, gathering and filtering information on top of car storage from all sorts of sources and hope that the results of our endeavours will save you from having to spend valuable time doing all of that work yourself.

Picking the right product is not always easy, that’s for sure. Our intention is to offer a choice of the best and most popular at the best prices, ensuring you don’t have to use up your time and energy shopping around.

Here, we are focusing on the car top luggage carriers. They’re the right choice for many – though obviously not for everyone.

Perhaps you’re ready to buy your car roof carrier..

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If you need more information before deciding…

…just keep reading! You certainly don’t want to end up buying the wrong  type of storage, wasting hard-earned cash on something that doesn’t fulfil your requirements. Hopefully the information on this website will enable you to make an informed decision – and help to ensure that you find the best car top container at the best price!

Of course, there are various options available for increasing your vehicle storage capacity: roof, rear, hard, soft. All have their advantages and disadvantages.

A lot depends on what items you need to carry, where you’re going, how often – and your budget.


How to choose the right rooftop cargo carrier:

As a first step, answer this: Which description fits you better, A or B?

A You’re making a one-off trip to transport a load of stuff from one place to another. Or taking a rare vacation where you have a full car and a lot of luggage.

B You often make trips with a carload of passengers (or alone with lots of stuff), or with items that don’t fit easily in the trunk – whether it’s skis, snowboards, camping gear, luggage or general paraphernalia. You want to be able to park and go, knowing your possessions are as secure as they would be in the trunk.


If you chose A, you probably don’t need a hard car top carrier. A cheaper alternative that you can simply fold up and store away afterwards may suit you better.

If you chose B, a hard shell rooftop cargo carrier might well be your best choice. But in the end it often comes down to personal preference.

It’s true that cargo boxes can cost more than other options, but they offer the best protection, security and versatility of all the different types of carriers available. In the long term, the benefits of a rooftop cargo box could, on balance, make it the best buy.


Other things to consider before you buy a rooftop cargo box

What items do you want to carry?

Your answer will determine the shape/dimensions of your box. Do you need space on top for other cargo too (eg bikes)? if so, you need a slimmer box, that doesn’t take up the full width of your rack.

What vehicle do you have?

It’s vital to get a box that’s the right size for your vehicle. This is easy to check. There are car roof carrier fit guides on the manufacturer websites.

Is your vehicle already fitted with a rack?

You’ll need to check that you have the correct base rack and attachments fitted for your specific vehicle. Again, this is easily done. See your car owner manual or manufacturer website.

Do you need to be able to drive into your garage with the carrier in place?

It’s worth doing your calculations before you find out the hard way that you’ve bought a rooftop box that’s too high – and you can’t! (When calculating the total height of your car, remember to factor in the roof rack as well as the box.)

Will you often carry heat-sensitive items?

If so, it’s probably better not to have a black box. Black absorbs more heat than any color. Lots of people have black roof boxes, though, and are perfectly happy.

Will you want to remove the container when it’s not in use?

You’ll need somewhere to store your box or basket if you’re not intending to leave it on your vehicle permanently. There are various options available for keeping it out of the way in your garage. If you’re going for a roof cargo bag, there’s no problem. It’s soft and easy to squash up and stash away without taking up too much room.

What is your budget?

Bags cost least, but are less durable. The upfront costs of a box are more, but a hard car top carrier should give years of use and could be an alternative to buying a larger car – at a fraction of the price.


If you’ve read as far as this, hopefully you’re a bit clearer about what you want in a rooftop cargo carrier, or at least some of the points to bear in mind along the way.

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NB We are gradually adding information to this website. We thank you for reading this far and hope that, in spite of its unfinished state, you find something of use and value here.